Louisiana’s Infamous Angola Prison Will Now Lock Up Children

2 hours 5 minutes ago
In the coming days, Louisiana officials will incarcerate about two dozen children inside the old death row of Louisiana State Penitentiary, also called Angola, a massive maximum security prison for adult men that was once notorious for its violence. Children as young as 10 with a history of assault may be transferred from their current […]
Samantha Michaels

CDC Loosens Requirements on Masking in Health Care Settings

3 hours 30 minutes ago
On Friday, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention quietly updated its masking policy and removed its recommendation for universal masking in health care settings, The Hill reports. The new guidelines say that health care facilities in areas that are not experiencing high levels of Covid transmission can “choose not to require” masks. “Updates were […]
Abigail Weinberg

A Jury Just Found the Insurrectionist Underwear Model Guilty On All Charges

4 hours 1 minute ago
On his website, the international underwear model, “influencer,” and January 6 defendant John Strand compares himself to David fighting Goliath in his trial on charges related to storming the US Capitol. “I will not bend the knee to tyranny,” he writes defiantly, while calling the insurrection a “federal entrapment tool” and his prosecution part of […]
Stephanie Mencimer

The Stolen Babies of Spain

5 hours 11 minutes ago
Under Francisco Franco’s rule, thousands of newborns were secretly taken from hospitals and sold to wealthy Catholic families. Now they are beginning to uncover their own histories.
Nicholas Casey

After Pressure From Borrowers, Biden Is Poised to Deliver Even More Student Debt Relief

5 hours 48 minutes ago
In 2006, Congress ended a controversial program that allowed married couples to combine their student debts into a joint loan. No new spousal consolidation loans were originated after that, but the borrowers who had previously combined their loans were unable to separate them—even in cases of divorce or domestic violence. As past Mother Jones investigations […]
Emma Rindlisbacher