The Pentagon Ramps Down Transparency as the Coronavirus Crisis Worsens

1 hour 3 minutes ago
While nearly everyone was focused on the accelerating coronavirus outbreak, the Defense Department has spent the last few weeks quietly boosting lobbyists and clamping down on information normally released to the public—including the number of people in the military who have contracted COVID-19.  On Monday, the Pentagon ordered military installations across the globe to stop […]
Dan Spinelli

Elizabeth Warren Has Three Big Tips for Monitoring Trump’s $500 Billion Coronavirus Slush Fund

1 hour 20 minutes ago
Before Elizabeth Warren was a senator from Massachusetts and a Democratic presidential candidate, she ran the Congressional Oversight Panel that was in charge of overseeing the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) bailout that Congress approved after Wall Street crashed in 2008. In that capacity, Warren, then a Harvard law professor, kept a close […]
David Corn

Stimulus Checks Coming Soon for Low-Income Workers

1 hour 49 minutes ago
If the IRS has direct deposit information for you, you’ll get your $1,200 stimulus payment in a couple of weeks: Then, starting the week of May 4, the IRS will begin issuing paper checks to individuals, says the memo obtained by AP Thursday. The paper checks will be issued at a rate of about 5 […]
Kevin Drum

Coronavirus Growth in Western Countries: April 2 Update

2 hours 12 minutes ago
Here’s the coronavirus growth rate through April 1. France had a big jump today and is now right on the Italian track. Spain continues to skyrocket. Britain is now above the Italian track. And the United States recorded its first day with more than a thousand deaths. On the bright side, Italy now looks like […]
Kevin Drum

Trump Promotes Oil Deal That May Not Exist

2 hours 54 minutes ago
The president’s optimism for a deal between Saudi Arabia and Russia to reduce production and a Saudi call for talks send crude prices skyrocketing, but Moscow showed little enthusiasm.
Michael Crowley, Clifford Krauss and Andrew E. Kramer

Activists Are Still Taking to the Streets—in Cars

7 hours 4 minutes ago
Downtown San Francisco should have been quieter than ever, since most of the city has been quarantining for weeks due to COVID-19. But on Tuesday morning, the streets echoed with more noise than a typical rush hour, as a long caravan of cars blaring their horns inched toward the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building, demanding […]
Delilah Friedler

Expired Respirators. Reused Masks. Nurses Offer Sobering Accounts of What Could Come

7 hours 4 minutes ago
This story was originally published by ProPublica, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. Nurses at one hospital in southeastern Washington state have alleged that, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they were ordered by supervisors to use one protective mask per shift, potentially […]
Ken Armstrong

“The Officers Were Taking Our Toilet Paper”: One Woman’s Life In Prison Right Now

7 hours 5 minutes ago
Earlier this week, lawyers representing the state of California notified a panel of federal judges that the state’s corrections department intends to slow the spread of coronavirus in its facilities by freeing about 3,500 inmates convicted of nonviolent crimes who were already due to be released within 60 days. Those early releases won’t affect Stacey […]
Madison Pauly

What’s Going On With Donald Trump and 3M?

10 hours 17 minutes ago
President Trump mysteriously invoked the Defense Procurement Act against 3M on Thursday: We hit 3M hard today after seeing what they were doing with their Masks. “P Act” all the way. Big surprise to many in government as to what they were doing – will have a big price to pay! — Donald J. Trump […]
Kevin Drum

Cuomo’s Push to Send More People to New York Jails Will Likely Worsen the Pandemic

15 hours 47 minutes ago
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is gaining admirers around the country because of his daily coronavirus briefings and endearing PowerPoint slides. But when it comes to low-income New Yorkers in the criminal justice system, he is giving the middle finger. Not only has he stalled on granting clemency to elderly prisoners who will be particularly […]
Samantha Michaels

Did Our “Testing Fiasco” Really Matter Much In the End?

16 hours 39 minutes ago
An ICU doctor writes to tell me that the problem with false negatives on the coronavirus test is worldwide: It’s been reported in the US, China, and Italy for a number of weeks that the sensitivity of the RT-PCR swab test for COVID-19 is not great. To put it simply, the issues aren’t specific to […]
Kevin Drum