The Supreme Court Just Rejected Alabama’s Attempt to Deny Representation to Black Voters. Again.

42 minutes 11 seconds ago
The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected Alabama’s attempt to avoid drawing a second majority-Black congressional district in a short order by Justice Clarence Thomas with no noted dissents. It marks the second time in three months that the court has rejected Alabama’s efforts to deny fair representation to Black voters. In early 2022, a three-judge […]
Ari Berman

Our Child Care System Is a Disaster. It’s About to Get Worse.

57 minutes 24 seconds ago
In February 2021, the federal government sent a $24 billion lifeline to day care centers to keep them afloat amid a still-raging pandemic. When that funding expires on September 30, 3.2 million children are likely to lose their child care spots, the Century Foundation predicts. Among them may be some of the 94 kids who […]
Abby Vesoulis