A Federal Judge Blasts the Supreme Court for Inventing Qualified Immunity for Cops

5 hours 15 minutes ago
A federal judge in Mississippi published a scorching opinion on Tuesday calling on the Supreme Court to eliminate “qualified immunity,” the legal doctrine that gives police officers special protection from lawsuits when they violate people’s civil rights.  Judge Carlton Reeves, who was nominated in 2010 by President Barack Obama to the US District Court in […]
Madison Pauly

Lunchtime Photo

5 hours 41 minutes ago
Continuing our tour of Garden Grove—the part of it within a few hundred yards of my mother’s house, anyway—this is a gumdrop tree. (That’s not its official name, it’s just what Marian named it.) I thought that it looked sort of Dr. Seuss-ish standing there all by itself, so I took a picture of it. […]
Kevin Drum

Trump Says He’s Improving Health Care. It Couldn’t Be Farther From the Truth.

5 hours 53 minutes ago
In recent days, President Trump has attempted to paint himself as a champion of accessible health care. On Monday, he held a press conference announcing new investments in rural hospitals and expanded telehealth services for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. And on July 24, he signed a spate of executive orders promising to lower prescription drug […]
Abigail Weinberg

Yates: Obama Had Nothing to Do With Flynn Investigation

7 hours 9 minutes ago
I don’t suppose anyone who’s still sane needs to hear this, but just for the record: Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates told lawmakers Wednesday that neither President Barack Obama nor Vice President Joe Biden attempted to influence the FBI’s investigation of incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn during a January 2017 Oval Office meeting […]
Kevin Drum

Good News: Donald Trump Doesn’t Get to Decide if He Gets Ice Cream

7 hours 13 minutes ago
To everyone working tirelessly around the world to hold together splintering democracies, I have a question: Why do people keep asking Donald Trump if he’ll “accept” the outcome of the election? I’m 46 years old and can’t remember any time we’ve asked this of any candidate for any office. I’m not an elections expert or […]
Daniel King